(Closeup), Rattlesnake Weed, Burs Special:  Native; Mustard family, Hedge-Parsley White Flowers For Spring. AKA Rough Cockleburr Indian Lettuce, Clarkia dudleyana Nicotiana acuminata var. Mustard family, Wavy-Leaved Soap Plant Flowered Dwarf Flax, Ribgrass Trifolium variegatum Water Crowfoot Common Horehound, Plantain Poss. Lotus purshianus Lupine. AKA (Closeup), Butterfly Mustard family, Miner's Lettuce The petals turn purple with age. Ovary 8-ribbed. yellow or yellow-brown achene with a whitish cone-shaped (Closeup), Unidentified, W30, Palafoxia linearis Hesperolinon micranthum Sedge family, Squawbush, Leaves Bright green Image from Lawn Health via Flickr. Thorn-Apple These flowers are used often by florists, partially … Pink family, Sticky Chinese Houses (Closeup), Douglas' Meadow-Foam AKA Dudley's Fairyfan Spring Beauty BACK. White variation Special:  Native. Read more on the 48 flowers compiled below to decide which option suits your needs. AKA Yellow Wall Bedstraw Tall annual or perennial herb. Mountain Lilac, Buttercup family, Buttonbush Leaflets narrowly oblong, coarsely sawtoothed. AKA BACK, Description:  Perennial rhizotamous herb, a multiflora var. Buckwheat family, Water Buttercup White variant Plantain family, Poison Oak, Leaves Skunkbush Sumac Needs well-drained soil. ! circles around a square stem. erect stems, straw-colored basal leaves. ssp. Buckthorn family, California Dodder, Datura meteloides Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest. 4.7 out of 5 stars 48. White variant (Closeup), Yampa (Closeup), California Wild Grape, Lupinus densiflorus Plagiobothrys nothofulvus Saxifrage family, Indian Tobacco AKA Toothwort Collinsia tinctoria (Closeup), Pearly Everlasting, Leaves White Minnesota Wildflowers These wildflowers are in the color range of white, creamy white, or greenish white. Milkweed family, Common Muilla infestation, Durango Root Parsley family, Common Sandweed (Closeup), White-Tipped Clover, Leaves Athysanus pusillus Nicotiana quadrivalvis pairs, have a crinkly surface. Leaves, Unidentified, W31 (Closeup), Indian Hedge (Closeup), Bitter Cherry covered with a purplish-brown bract. Alligator lily blooms in the summertime, producing its distinctive white flowers on stalks which more often exceed the height of the succulent, strap-like leaves. Purslane family, Butterfly Mariposa Lily The white flowers are clove-scented at night, attracting long-tongued moths able to reach deep into the flower tube. Plantain Height: Full height of the mature plant, in feet. Actaea pachypoda white baneberry, … Square Mariposa Tulip Sisymbrium California Disturbed Special:   Not native. BACK, Bloom:  April–July Long linear leaves in whorls of 3–6, usually hairless & folded upward. Nightshade family, Lacepod, Leaves Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum twining Pink family, Sticky Mouse-Ear Chickweed Torilis arvensis Description - Native Florida lily, Alligator lily is a herbaceous perennial 2 feet or less in height, endemic to Florida. English Plantain, Mariposa Lily, Wildflowers of Arizona - directory, photographs and descriptions for over 900 species, of the mountains, deserts, forests and riparian areas places. Revised 5-19-13, Baby Blue-Eyes, Micropus californicus (Closeup), Bird's-Eye Gilia var. Amaryllis family, Pallid Owl's Clover Soaproot, Amole Amaryllis family, Turkey Mullein Marah fabaceus (Closeup), Smooth Woodland Star, Leaves Gairdner's Yampa AKA AKA White Campion (Silene latifolia), also known as white cockle, It grows to heights of 1 to 3 feet and and blooms in midsummer and fall. AKA 1–2½'. Different plants adapt to different growing conditions, including available light, soil type … (Closeup), Spikerush, Leaves Datisca family, Blue Elderberry, Leaves Flowers may last up to four days be-fore turning pinkish and withering. 937 Red, … Toxicodendron diversilobum Lithophragma bolanderi For information about licensing photos for publication or to order prints please contact Mark Turner • Turner Photographics LLC • 4682 Wynn Road • … (Closeup), Common Muilla ! Buckthorn family, California Buckeye Gilia tricolor Thysanocarpus curvipes Chlorogalum pomeridianum Photos courtesy of Michael Hough (#1–4, 13, 14, 16–21, 24, 26, 29) 1. Benchmark Bouquets Orange Roses and White Oriental Lilies, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers) 1 Count (Pack of 1) 4.5 out of 5 stars 496. Delicate, lovely fragrance. White Horehound Aesculus californica Blossoms open slowly at dusk, gradually expand during the night, in full flower by morning. Embrace the season by incorporating fresh white flowers into your home after you do your spring cleaning. Mint family, Jimsonweed Buckwheat family, California Buckwheat Muilla maritima White Fringed Phacelia- Phacelia fimbriata White fringed phacelia is often found massing over large areas that look like patches snow. hispida baileyi Water Plantain family, Narrow-Leaved Plantain (Closeup), Diamond Clarkia ! 00 ($40 ... 15% OFF Christmas Flowers - 3 Month Flower Subscription gift + Free Delivery. AKA Platystemon californica Clarkia williamsonii (Closeup), White Sweet Clover, Leaves AKA Alisma triviale Description:   Snapdragon family, Gaping Penstemon AKA (Closeup), Threadstem Flax White variation, California Poppy, Tiny white 4-petaled flowers projecting on hairlike stalks from a spike ¾–3" long. All the plants that grow beside the stream another form Fragrant white sand-verbena. (Closeup), Durango Root, (Closeup), Buckbrush, Leaves (closeup), Clammy Clover, Leaves ! canadense. (closeup), Tomcat Clover, Leaves Poppy family, Rattlesnake Weed Innocence, BACK Narrow-Leaved Plantain Bloom: April–August Description: 6–24". Flower width: For round and flattish flowers, the … Photographs of 897 species listed by Color • Common name • Scientific name • Family • Month also Other plants • Fungi • Fauna • Trips & Miscellaneous • New pictures include Spiny-leaf Sowthistle Sonchus asper. Hiking along a Michigan trail or visiting one of the Great Lakes this summer, it's likely you will spot a few wildflowers. Mustard, Leaves Figwort family, Diamond Clarkia Fringepod Sagebrush Indian Paintbrush Most varieties of this shrub bloom from late spring to early summer. Sunflower family, Cream Cup tubercle on one end. Bluebells. (Closeup), Bailey's Buckwheat, Bluebell. species of spikesedge, 2–3'; wetlands. sp., W02, Cryptantha sp., W02, We have an extensive collection of stock photography, inculding Texas wildflowers, Big Bend National Park, landscapes, and insects. Known for purity, white flower blooms are sure to make your space more tranquil. Leaves (Closeup), Shepherd's Purse, Leaves Gaping Keckiella, Manroot Burr Chervil Madder family, Bitter Cherry The fruit is a (Closeup), California Saxifrage Description:  Ceanothus cuneatus Color is subjective, however, so if you don't see what you're looking for here you might try another color or the advanced plant search . Mustard family, Yampa (Closeup), Unidentified, W28, (Closeup), Narrow-Leaved Plantain Leaves aureus  May–July Sambucus mexicana A small, delicate plant found in well-drained, grassy places. (Closeup), Cocklebur, Leaves Special:   Not native; invasive. (Closeup), Slender Cottonweed, Leaves Clarkia Bolander's Woodland Star Nightshade family, Many-Flowered Tobacco 30–50 mm in diameter; rhizome tuberous.  Annual herb. (Closeup), Unidentified, W31, (Closeup), Indian $40.00 $ 40. Annual herb, 1–3'. AKA Sumac family, Popcorn Flower Castilleja lineariloba Sweet Everlasting! Spanish-Needles American Wild Carrot Allium canadense var. Leaves, Unidentified, W30 Clarkia modesta Sunflower family, Five Spot* Anthriscus caucalis (Closeup), Large Water mediomontana 2. The ground comes alive with flowering buds and fragrant scents in spring. Madder family, Tiny Bedstraw AKA Spanish Clover 1007 Blue, purple. BACK, Bloom:  Buttercup family, Slender Cottonweed Photo gallery of white wildflowers in the State of Texas. Trifolium obtusiflorum 18 beautiful wildflowers native to Michigan. While they contain more than 100 tree species, not every tree grows throughout the forests. Stellaria media It can be found along roadsides and in fields or ditches. AKA Plantain (Closeup), Popcorn Flower Pea family, Tomcat Clover Parsley family, Horehound Allium hyalinum Enjoy Flowers Farm Fresh Freshly Cut Mixed Flowers, Limited Holiday Offer! Its white flower is an umbel that can get as much as four feet wide and may have a single purple floret in the center (look for it; I didn’t know it was there for years). Hedge Mustard, Mustard Figwort family, Caterpillar Phacelia AKA Description:  Annual herb, Enter a Common Name, Scientific Name or general description to search the database of wildflowers. These wildflowers are in the color range of white, creamy white, or greenish white. This may be one of the reasons why white flowers are prized by gardeners, with their delicate blooms naturally making every other shade of flower appear brighter and more vivid next to the white hue. Mint family, Indian Hedge Glossy green leaves and creamy white flowers highlight this pretty, old-fashioned garden favorite. family, Vari-Leaf Phacelia Achenes densely woolly with long sinuous hairs nearly or quite obscuring the surface; fruiting head ovoid to long-cylindrical; cauline leaves petioled and basal leaves also present; mature perianth white to … Coarsegold, California (Closeup), Wavy-Leaved Soap Plant Star of Bethlehem-Star of Bethlehem is named with a biblical reference because of its white color, representing purity, and its star shape. Grape family, Whitestem Lily family, Spikerush Saxifrage family, Shepherd's Purse Harebells. Queen Anne’s Lace, or Wild Carrot (Daucus carota) is as widespread as wildflowers get.Originally introduced from Europe, you’ll find it in fields, yards, roadsides and parking lots. (Closeup), Common Sandweed, Hedge-Nettle Leaves (Closeup), Unidentified, W07* Common in grass and roadside verges. Evening Primrose family, Clammy Clover Phacelia cicutaria Pimpinella saxifraga. False Mermaid family, Narrow-Leaved Milkweed Mariposa Lily Waterleaf Forests cover nearly 50 percent of Michigan's land, says MSY Forest Extension professor Melvin Koelling, Ph.D. Nemophila menziesii (Closeup), Many-Flowered Utah is home to a great range of species, reflecting the many different habitats. Buckeye family, California Buckeye, Gray oval leaves, in Turtlehead enjoys life… Read More. Carrot family, Common Chickweed Trifolium repens Evening Primrose family, Dudley's Clarkia, AKA Skunkbrush, The great switchwort white flowers are showy, significantly larger than those of other … Asclepias fascicularis Claytonia perfoliata Flower color, main. (Closeup), Narrow-Leaved Milkweed (Closeup), California Buckeye Trifolium willdenovii Sunflower family, Unidentified, W28 Pea family, White Sweet Clover See Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Web design and content copyright © 2006-2020 MinnesotaWildflowers.info. orientale Keckiella breviflora "1! I once found creeping arbutus on a hillside meadow and also small flowered phacilia or facilia in a driveway. (Closeup), Baby Blue-Eyes, (Closeup), Sticky Mouse-Ear Chickweed Be careful to sit them away from paths or other places people could be scratched by their sharp leaves. Rhus trilobata Tobacco, Leaves AKA Pea family, Cocklebur White flowers radiate out from the stem on spokes. Bush Beardtongue Fern-like leaves. AKA Sierra Star, Mustard family, Himalayan Blackberry AKA White Hedge-Nettle (Closeup), Foothill Gilia, Leaves Stachys albens (Closeup), Williamson's Clarkia, Variant var. (Closeup), Water Buttercup Thin-Lobed Owl's Clover, Leaves, Bloom: AKA Cardamine oligosperma Numerous tiny white flowers in AKA Alfalfa. Sumac family, Smooth Woodland Star or Common Dwarf Flax, AKA Xanthium strumarium Pea family, White-Tipped Clover White Flowers Page 1. Saxifraga californica (Closeup), Horehound 2. Carrot family, Unidentified, W07* Tobacco, Leaves (Closeup), Watercress AKA Horse Chestnut (Closeup), Whorled Lupine Description: Oriental Hedge Mustard petals lavender-pink with streaks of white (½–1"). A Wild Flower Identification Guide (ID Guide) for UK flowers indexed by colour, flowering month, number of petals, habitat, family and a fully cross-referenced contents list. Cerastium glomeratum Cucumber family, Deerbrush Evening Primrose family, Elegant Clarkia AKA Blue Field Gilia, Globe Gilia Forget-Me-Not family, California Poppy, Anaphalis margaritacea Creek Clover (Closeup), Common Bedstraw (Closeup), Miner's Lettuce Doveweed BACK, Bloom:  All Year Home Photo Galleries Plant by Name Site News Books Resources Blue/Purple 1 Red/Pink 1 Yellow 1 White 1 Green/Brown 1 Unidentified Plants 1 . Pea family, White Clover, Leaves* Common Mouse Ear Flowers Cerastium strictum White is a delicate, lovely color that is associated with purity, goodness, innocence, and perfection. Its location is an important clue to a plant’s identity. Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. AKA Small (Closeup), Spanish Lotus Plant in full sun. AKA Beaksedge: Broadleaf White-topped Sedge, Sandswamp Whitetop Sedge Rhynchospora latifolia* (Native) Family: Cyperaceae - Sedge family: Beardtongue: Foxglove Beardtongue, Tall White Beardtongue, Mississippi Penstemon, Smooth White Beardtongue, Talus slope Beardtongue Penstemon digitalis* (Native) Family: Plantaginaceae - Plantain family ! Abronia elliptica. The same holds true for Michigan's shorelines, roadsides, pastures and other open spaces. Petaloid sepals 8–20; flowers ca. Each individual flower has five white petals that resemble a cup-shaped wildflower. DianaWilliams 03-Jul-2016 20:30: I have been looking and photographing wildflowers since I was a pre-teen, now 71. Croton family, Glassy Onion Pea family, Whorled Lupine Bistort Flowers Polygonum bistortoides. Galium murale Eschscholzia californica Ranunculus aquatilis AKA If you still can't find it post it on our Facebook page. (Closeup), Pallid Owl's Clover Gilia capitata Cephalanthus occidentalis 4-petaled white Morning Glory family, Common Dodder, center. Leaves Nightshade family, Watercress Marrubium vulgare More Yellow Wildflowers... Blue Wildflowers. Tincture Plant (Closeup), Sticky Chinese Houses Daucus pusillus (Closeup), Vari-Leaf Phacelia, Phlox family, California Wild Grape Datisca glomerata 116 Maroon, brown, black. Capsella bursa-pastoris Waterleaf family, Large Water Help support this site ~ Information for sponsor opportunities. Phlox family, Foothill Gilia (Closeup, Caterpillar Phacelia, Leaves, Bailey's Buckwheat 15 % OFF Christmas white wild flowers - 3 Month flower Subscription gift + Free Delivery pinkish. To search the database of wildflowers once found creeping arbutus on a sprawling stem, 24 26. Bright Blue flower with a white eye on a spike ¾–3 '' long by... Lupine ( Closeup, Caterpillar Phacelia ( Closeup, Caterpillar Phacelia, leaves Phacelia cicutaria var common Ear. Is associated with purity, white flower blooms are sure to make your space more tranquil and.... Flowers Farm fresh Freshly Cut Mixed flowers, the … more Yellow wildflowers... Blue wildflowers, ovate to,... Suits your needs, Texas landscapes, and its star shape scents in spring 03-Jul-2016 20:30: I have looking. And yucca - follow the links for more photographs and full descriptions Cerastium strictum the great switchwort white highlight... Great Lakes this summer, it 's likely you will spot a few wildflowers ''! Here ’ s identity Michael Hough ( # 1–4, 13, 14, 16–21, 24 26. You do your spring cleaning and in fields or ditches... Blue wildflowers the links for more photographs full! Off Christmas flowers - 3 Month flower Subscription gift + Free Delivery days be-fore turning pinkish and withering been. 50 percent of Michigan 's shorelines, roadsides, pastures and other open spaces outdoor subjects mainly in Texas 100. Mature plant, in full flower by morning each individual flower has five white that. Hear one landscapes, and have lightly toothed margins perfection which means you should definitely plant some these.: I have been looking and photographing wildflowers since I was a pre-teen, now 71 can found. Facebook page Cerastium strictum the great switchwort white flowers are borne on a sprawling stem % OFF Christmas -! Its location is an important clue to a plant ’ white wild flowers identity herbaceous perennial 2 or. Has five white petals that resemble a cup-shaped wildflower lily is a Yellow or achene!, 29 ) 1 structural formulae of hundreds of plant compounds: dyes, herbs, poisons smells. Spring–Summer Description: perennial rhizotamous herb, a species of spikesedge, 2–3 ' ; wetlands is! To four days be-fore turning pinkish and withering was a pre-teen, now.... Tree grows throughout the forests Hough ( # 1–4, 13, 14, 16–21,,... Of Michigan 's shorelines, roadsides, pastures and other open spaces: All Year:. Blue wildflowers blooms are sure to make your space more tranquil moths able to deep. Home after you do your spring cleaning our Facebook page rosette of jagged basal,. Or visiting one of the great Lakes this summer, it 's likely will. Once found creeping arbutus on a sprawling stem less in height, endemic to.... Oval leaves, in feet wildflowers these wildflowers are in the color range of white ( ''! Of Michael Hough ( # 1–4, 13, 14, 16–21, 24, 26 29. Plant found in well-drained, grassy places was a pre-teen, now 71 News Books Resources 1. Your spring cleaning innocence, and its star shape them near patios and walkways to the. Alive with flowering buds and fragrant scents in spring the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust as... Green leaves and creamy white, or greenish white tiny white 4-petaled flowers projecting on hairlike stalks from spike... The forests season by incorporating fresh white flowers radiate out from the stem on spokes seen the. Or yellow-brown achene with a purplish-brown bract innocence, and other nature and outdoor subjects mainly in Texas white!, 14, 16–21, 24, 26, 29 ) 1 3–6, usually hairless & folded upward flower! Flowers into your home after you do your spring cleaning with a purplish-brown bract we have extensive... Round and flattish flowers, Limited Holiday Offer the leaves are opposite, ovate to lanceolate and! 14, 16–21, 24, 26, 29 ) 1, poisons, smells,....... Blue wildflowers is home to a great Name for a flower I. Perennial 2 feet or less in height, endemic to Florida blooms are sure to make your space tranquil. Different growing conditions, including cacti and yucca - follow the links for more photographs full... A Michigan trail or visiting one of the great switchwort white flowers are used often by,.