420 in Denver with Respect My Region and Dominique Dabs

Life’s “Better” in California with Kye Russoul & Marquel DelJuan in Malibu and Downtown LA
August 1, 2018

For 4/20/2018 I flew out to Denver, CO with the Respect My Region team (Mitch Phiefer, Joey Brabo, and Dominique Dabs). It may have been Spring time, but DAMN was it COLD. Windy and snowing wasn’t a very typical 420 experience for me. SO, obviously I preferred the indoor events we attended the first night more than standing outside all day. Especially, when we weren’t even allowed to smoke at outdoor events. Which I think we were all beyond shocked to discover.

Fortunately, in the evening there were some stellar private events that really showed the true heart of Denver and the Cannabis culture. Compared to my previous experience in 2014, there’s no doubt that Denvers cannabis freedom has taken a heavy hit and is nothing like it used to be. Never the less, wherever RMR goes we manage to keep it LIT. And staying in one of downtown Denvers finest hotels on one of the highest floors was an experience all on its own.



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