University of Idaho with BADYOSHI & 6LACK

Subdued Excitement w/ Merrrica & Dominique Dabs
September 15, 2018

This event was a major milestone. This was one year after I shot my first show with BADYOSHI and this was Yodi Mac’s first return to where it all started. Yodi is an Idaho local that currently resides in Tacoma. And top top it all off 6lack was there, and he was by far one of the chillest artists that BADYOSHI has had the privilege to open for. There was no wall of separation like you so often see, he was very inclusive. We even had some good friends and fellow creatives come out from Spokane (Jango, Cris Gray,  Ryker, etc), and they university even opened up their indoor football field for us to play on.

This was one of the funnest shows I’ve been blessed enough to shoot. I pray for more moments like these. On the road, with the crew, amazing energy from the crowd, . . . the best of times. So much unity and love, and it all happened in a state I feared would arrest me for the stank on my hoody. Idaho still has many political issues that raise concerns for cannabis advocates. Until they evolve and change their outdated laws its probably best I stay away.


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